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Commercial Planning - Flight Scheduling


Provides the Commercial / Schedules Planning Departments with the facility to compile more efficient and profitable flight schedules with optimum aircraft utilization. Interfaces with the Operations Control (Maintenance Planning) and Crew Management modules of AIMS to ensure that flight schedules under construction are achievable based on the availability of required aircraft and qualified crew members.


Permits comparative evaluation of single and multiple flight schedule scenarios including those of Competitor airlines. An “Add-on” module is available for detailed flight cost analysis and anticipated revenue calculations for profit & loss and break-even load factor. The core module also offers automated upload/download of IATA ASM / SSM messages and SSIM format files and statistics on estimated revenue, Costs and Profit for each schedule. An “Add-on” module for full slot co-ordination resource (SCR) management is also available.

 Add on Systems

The AIMS System can easily be expanded by adding the more task specific functionality provided by the Add-on Systems. These fully integrable additions are capable of building a variety of corporate / departmental AIMS structures to suit your airline requirements.

Airport Slot Management System

  • Historical slot calculations.
  • Automatic generation and transmission of SCR and SMA messages.
  • Change processing, regeneration & transmission of SCR’s as necessary.
  • Graphical representation of the status of each airport slot in the graphical Flight Schedule display.
  • Automatic acceptance and processing of SCR responses from Airport Slot  Coordinators.
  • Provides a general overview and control over unused slots, off-slot operations and unconfirmed slots.

Flight Cost & Revenue Analysis

  • User-definable cost elements such as Airport Charges, crew costs, Aircraft depreciation, etc.
  • Breakdown of expected costs and revenue to operate a proposed flight or an entire flight schedule.
  • Detailed breakdown of costs involved to operate a flight, such as, handling / parking fees, overflying fees, fuel, salaries, etc.
  • Reporting by period, region, fleet, or entire flight schedule.
  • Cost statistics by seat hour, block hour, RPK and other parameters.
  • Revenue calculations including profit / loss and break-even load factor.
  • Projection of Cost, Revenues and Profits over a number of years, based on expected cost/demand/fare annual fluctuation.