The AIMS airline software solution is a flexible tool which can be operated from an IT environment of your choice.

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Two different ways to implement AIMS



Software as a Service (SaaS)


Remote access to the AIMS application and its database through thin clients.

All AIMS dedicated servers are located at the EQUINIX Datacenter in Miami, USA.

AIMS application and hosting hardware are installed and maintained in-house by the airline.


User Access


A ‘true’ multi-user/departmental access solution capable of supporting an unlimited number of users/ workstations.

Operating System Requirements


AIMS supports the latest Windows Server and Client Operating Systems.

Web Access


IIS Web Server access by the crew and ground staff, using a variety of devices/operating systems such as smart phones, tablets and conventional PC web browsers.


Crew may also access AIMS through Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Database Support


MS-SQL, Oracle Database support.

Interfaces with other Systems

A wide range of ready made interfaces, web services and Data extraction tools are available to enable airline IT to interface AIMS with the rest of the airline's systems.