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The AIMS peripheral systems are add-on systems which can be linked to either Crew Management, Operations Control and/or Commercial Planning Systems.


Data Extraction Toolkit


  • Unlimited number of user defined flight, aircraft and crew-related reports.
  • Release of database layout structure which permits access to AIMS databases via an SQL database or an ODBC driver.
  • Library of AIMS Functions which can be used to easily extract data.
  • Entity Relationship diagrams and examples to simplify data extraction.

IP Phone Dialer


  • Relieves Crew Control Staff from having to look for phone numbers, and dialing the number, by allowing them to call any crew with just a click of a button.
  • Ops Controllers may use this option as well to contact Handling Agents, Fuel Agents and other Ground Staff Support
  • Supports most popular PBX’s (AVAYA, SIEMENS, ERICSSON, ALCATEL etc)

Technical Publications Management


An efficient and accurate means of handling input and    modification of technical publication records and actions associated with their distribution, tracking and generation of reports.

Streamline the management of your operations by substantially minimizing workload and related overhead costs, while simultaneously allowing your airline to conform to the various rules and standards set down by respective authorities.

Comprises of six separate options which provide functionality of their own, but also logically integrate to complement and support one another.

With TPM, Users have the ability to:

  •     Add, modify and search for original document records and their associated revisions.
  •     Assign and track document records and view detailed table of tracking information.
  •     Produce a report of all owners who own a document.
  •     Generate Revision Transmittals for Aviation Authorities.
  •     Send notices to owners via email.

Message Distribution System


  • Automatic transmission of messages to all user departments following flight schedule changes.
  • Facility is configured to ensure only messages of relevant interest to each department are received (e.g. message to catering when pax load changes, to MD when flights canceled or delayed, to crewing when new flights introduced, to HOTAC when change requires hotel re booking etc.)
  • Recipients of messages may also include SITA addresses (e.g. handling agents, tour operators, etc.)
  • Messages may also be transmitted to predefined e-mail addresses thus eliminating the need for local or remote recipients to have AIMS installed or have a SITA address.