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Crew Planning Services


Is your Airline suffering from:


  • Shortage of Crew Planning staff?
  • Shortage of experienced Crew Planning staff?
  • Generation of inefficient crew schedules?
  • Generation of illegal crew schedules?
  • Crew schedules which do not satisfy crew preferences?

    AIMS can temporarily take over the following Crew Planning tasks:


  • Crew Pairing Construction
  • Crew Schedule Constructions
  • Crew training Planning
  • Crew Vacation Planning

Software Customization


While AIMS already covers an exceptionally wide range of regulatory and procedural parameters, allowing the User to configure the available rules in the system on their own (such as flight time and rest limitation rules, payment rules, flight & aircraft scheduling rules, etc.), additional software customization can be provided to fully meet individual client airline requirements.


To enhance and guarantee  the efficiency of your airline Operations,  our company offers a series of services in order to maximize airline performance and reduce costs. In addition, our developer team is at the airline's disposal to customize AIMS in order to cover any unique aspects of its operation.

Training & Implementation


Not a ‘normal airline?  We are here to help. Not surprisingly, no two airlines are ever the same.


We seek to challenge and change the established conventions and working practices of  the Airline Industry whilst ensuring that operations are conducted in a modern,  safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective way. AIMS provides a solution for all Training and Implementation requirements, and tailors the training and implementation plan according to each airline's needs.



Some times technology is not enough. Why not benefit from our knowledge and expertise in Airline Management?

AIMS can provide your airline with appropriate strategic and "hands-on" operational support in order to address the following areas of business:

  • Network Planning
  • Operations Control Management
  • Crew Management
  • Auditing

With extensive airline management background in business aviation, passenger, charters, cargo and ground handling services, our team can help improve considerably your operations.


Although following the initial AIMS implementation, Flight Operations staff productivity is quite high and operations run smoothly, this can deteriorate over time as new staff join the airline and operations change.

In order to keep the momentum, ensure staff productivity is high and operations continue to run smoothly, AIMS schedules on-site audits on a regular basis. This comes at NO cost to airlines.

During the audit, standard operating procedures (SOP's) are reviewed again, user awareness of all available AIMS functionality is checked, especially for new staff, and at the end of the audit the auditor briefs senior management on the possible actions that need to be taken in order to fully maximize the potential of AIMS and improve operations as a whole.